Stewardship-A Way of Life

Time, Talent and Treasure

The Stewardship Team exists for the purpose of establishing and articulating the concept of stewardship in parish life. It also engages parishioners of all ages in stewardship practices and connecting the overall concept of stewardship with the parish's mission to become a more deeply Christ-centered and Eucharist-centered community of faith. An active, practicing Stewardship Team is absolutely critical to a parish for the ongoing education and commitment of parishioners to the stewardship of time, talent and treasure. The Stewardship Team meets regularly to carry out and evaluate the stewardship effort on an annual basis, prepare a time and talent list or catalog of parish activities and organizations, ensure that those who volunteer are contacted and asked to become involved and updating of ministry and parishioner information.

Coordinator and Staff Liaison: Deacon Scott Johnson, 473-4724,


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